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Wuff :3
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The storm cloud left taking it's bounty of precious jewels.
Puddles, like massive chests, form in small dips on my aunts property-
filled to the brim with the stuff from the sky.
I tred through those pools, the deeper dwellings warmer than the ground itself, releasing the steam of a long hot morn, the squeeze relaxed, retaining this vital source.
The ripples, the sound of my sloshing feet, echo to me of many a man's argument that we did not come where the rain has been. Just look.
Each ripple cannot be measured singularly. How it gradually grows from small to big happens in such a quick time frame.
To count each movement exactly would take quite a span.
Like the growing of a child, you only see it in it's larger milestones.
Never each bone becoming thicker, teeth thrusting from gum, skin stretching, hips widening, hair thickening upon one's self. It is the unseen mundane science which we all live with daily- the walking example of how life began for us.
The young are born, the young grow, attend school, become adults, graduate school, find love, begin careers, begin families, start to slow down, grow old, die.
Like an illusion unseen except for its astonishing product, it has steps to its trick, there is no magic.
When others ask what I must does evolution occur? How can it be possible? Show me the cavemen fossil evidence leading up to us?
How does one grow from a small singular cell deposited from the confines of deep space in the vastness of the ocean?

It cannot be possible!

Well, you did it yourself, in nine months.
The sea an abundant womb to hold it's beautiful cargo providing it with the nutrients and comfortable hiding place from predators.
She will miscarry some, others will go on, continually learning from natural selection and passing on their higher formed attributes.
The trimesters she will endure- loading on with each year upon year- Brachiopods suctioned the ocean floor, their thick shell covering ensuring its safety, Coleclanths swam slowly, too homely to be considered prey, largers beasts with teeth like the sharpest blades and a thirst inssatiable except for those delt the wrong hand of natural selection, so on and so forth she will become burderned...

Until life will take its first steps to land.

The heavy swell of creatures, too much to be contained, the sea mother gave birth to an organism with the ability to begin adaption to our hostile earth. It was not easy. Much like an infant taking it's first thick breath, or holding up its head or learning that crying leads to milk, this small child of us, perhaps slimy, cold or frightened of the giant sky, had to learn to suceed in this next womb.
For is that not life's stages?
Wether moving out of a home or growing up? Are we not just entering different periods of gestation and rebirth? Learning how to manuver ourselves to survive, perhaps making big changes to fit in and manage? Absolutely.
Such is the way of our very being.

I find this beautiful and mysterious. Unique in it's own complexity though we ourselves not held to a candle by anyone. We are the vast speck in this Universe- unknown, unseen, only caught up in our own sucess', failures, until, we too, become apart of our home, again, drawn to our mother.

I am drawn to her. Appreciating my time with her although she is failing in health and badly wounded. Not here, at least, not here where she has given me this place of solitude. I rake my feet over her soft texture and smile, assuring my birth is known and my thanks submitted.

This is what I leave you for now.


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